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If you are trying to make healthier food choices it can sometimes be hard to stay motivated and stick to the plan. But a bit of preparation can make it easier, and these tips might provide some help to keep your healthy eating on track.

Drink less alcohol

Alcohol is high in calories and makes you more likely to eat “bad” things, so it can ruin the best-laid eating plans.

Consider cutting alcohol out for a few weeks to “reset” your drinking habits, then make sure you have at least a few alcohol-free days each week.

But if you experience any physical withdrawal symptoms, seek medical advice before you stop drinking. It can be dangerous to rapidly stop drinking without proper help.

Snack healthily

Try fruit or veg for between-meal snacks instead of cakes or biscuits. These are low in calories and have more useful nutrients.

Choose sugar-free drinks

Calories from sugary drinks can quickly add up. Fizzy drinks, fruit juice, squash, sugary tea and flavoured lattes from the coffee shop are among the culprits.

Go for a sugar-free option (or just plain old water) instead.

Don’t be derailed by one setback

If you’ve lapsed, don’t give up entirely. You can still get back on track.

Only eat when you’re hungry

Sounds obvious, but it’s easy to eat out of habit or boredom.

Have three healthy, balanced meals a day and stick to healthy snacks to deal with any hunger in between.

Keep it going on the weekend

We all like to relax and enjoy our weekends, but try to stick to the same eating plan as during the week.

Schedule-in calorie-burning activities and skip treats like takeaway meals.

Plan ahead

It’s easier to stick to healthy choices if you work out what you’re having for each meal in advance. Taking a packed lunch to work is a good idea as well.

Veg out

Having more vegetables in each meal will help with your nutrition goals — and leave less room for higher-calorie foods.

Measure up

Use a spray oil or measure oil with a spoon instead of glugging it straight into the pan. You might be surprised how little you can get away with.

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