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Helping families develophealthy habits

Beezee Families is our free award-winning programme to help children build healthy habits around food and exercise.

We offer 12 weeks of family-focused sessions, packed with practical advice and lots of fun activities to get involved in. The sessions can be attended in-person or online. You can also enrol in our Academy to learn about healthier habits at your own pace.

To be eligible, you need to be a Buckinghamshire resident and have a child or children aged 7-13 that’s overweight on the NHS BMI centile chart.

Our child weight management programme

Our child weight management course involves healthy eating and physical activity aspects as well as helping you and your family with the “what” and “how” of making healthier changes.

We’ll explore healthy living topics such as portion sizes, decoding food labels, keeping active and snacking/drinking. While supporting you to make small, practical changes that work for your lifestyle, and give you the tools and techniques to turn these changes into healthy habits for life. 

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Getting Beezee as a family

Our top priority through the Beezee Families programme is your child’s physical and mental health. We promote positive body image in all the children we work with. 

Your child won’t be pressured to lose weight during the programme. They’re still growing, so weight loss should never be the primary aim for a children’s weight management programme.  

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