Tom takes action on his health

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Tom was facing a few health risks when he decided to make some changes.

Diagnosed with high blood fats and fatty liver, he was at risk of becoming diabetic. He also weighed 110kg, was in the ‘obese’ BMI category and was smoking up to 20 a day.

He knew he needed to make some changes for a happier life — and his doctor suggested a nutritionist could motivate him to reach a healthier weight. Through Be Healthy Bucks, he gained the tools and knowledge to reach a healthier BMI.

Small changes = big difference

Tom arrived with us with some realistic goals in mind.

He wanted to bring his BMI down from ‘obese’ to ‘overweight’, which meant a weight loss of 10-15kg in his case. To do this, he set smaller goals like reducing portion sizes and eating a more balanced diet.

“I was eating a lot of ready meals, pizzas, burgers, and sometimes would have a fourth meal in the evening if I exercised in the day,” he explained.

“I was eating way too much carbohydrate and not enough fruit, veg and protein. I set goals to improve the variety of food I was eating and to fix the issue I was having with portion size.”

Tom knew he’d be able to carry on making healthy choices to take his BMI into the ‘healthy’ category. Splitting his big goal into smaller goals made it feel more achievable, and he was motivated to put the work in.

Filling the toolbox

We helped give Tom the tools and knowledge he needed to make positive lifestyle changes for his health.

“I use the Eat Well Guide to vary my meals and use my hands and thumbs to measure portions, which has helped me lose weight,” he said.

His small changes include switching from scrambled eggs cooked in oil to boiled eggs and practicing mindful eating, using the 20-minute rule to reduce cravings.

These small habits can lead to big results.

“My nutritionist, Ellie, has been wonderful. She goes above and beyond, and I feel I have a real buddy helping me through my issues and along the journey.

“Aside from the practical tips and knowledge, she gave me some psychological insights which were really valuable. I also stopped smoking and Ellie was central to that goal being met.”

Going for goals

Before coming to us, the only exercise Tom was getting was gentle walking. Our exercise sessions sparked a love of movement, and he kept active throughout lockdown. He’d make the most of his daily exercise by running and cycling.

“Ellie introduced me to the Couch to 5k app and I began running in local parks every day,” he said.

“Unfortunately, I picked up a minor injury to my knee while running, but luckily I could still cycle.

“I tried to go out every day and cycle at least 5k — often doing much more. I’ve now recovered from my knee injury, and although I can’t get straight back into running yet, I go for a brisk walk most days”

Support always available

Tom said the experience had been crucial in helping him shape his nutritional goals and improve his health.

He said: “It has been a privilege to meet such dedicated and wonderful people. I’ve really enjoyed the process and support was always available when I needed it.

“The nutritionists are very approachable and knowledgeable on various subjects. I feel I have grown as a person and I’m very grateful I’ve taken part.”

20 May, 2023