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Mindfulness can be understood as nurturing your self-awareness. 

What is going on with your body and mind? How are you really feeling? What do you need? It’s all about noticing your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations.  

Similar to meditation – mindfulness encourages giving time to tune in to your breath, body, and mind.  It can be done anywhere; in the car, in bed, in the shower, and the more you practice, the easier it gets.

How can you start to practice mindfulness?

Do a quick body scan

  • Get comfortable somewhere quiet
  • Pay attention to your breathing
  • Scan through your body bit by bit, noticing how each part is feeling
  • Ask yourself if there’s anything you need?

Go on a walk and talk

  • Spending 20 minutes a day in nature has been proven to lower stress and increase concentration
  • Walking often in a natural environment reduces our risk of mental health issues
  • The mental health and positive mood benefits of a walk can last for up to seven hours
  • Sharing a walk with a friend can encourage more meaningful and honest conversations
  • The exercise produces happy hormones, improving both mental and physical well-being

Try our challenges

  • Take three minutes for yourself every day
  • Check in as a family every day
  • Ask twice; how are you? And how are you really? 
  • Go for a family walk and talk to clear the air or have a catch up
  • Make time for conversations as a family, as needed
  • Try an honesty conversation using our tips below

Have an honesty conversation


1. “ When I see/hear…”
Just state the facts, no blame.

2. “ I feel…”
Use pure emotions (e.g sad/angry/upset) rather than _ed words (e.g frustrated /disappointed).

3. “What I would like is…”
A request in clear and simple words.

4. “So that we can…”
The benefit this change would have for you both.


1. Listen carefully

2. Repeat back exactly what you heard
To check that you understood what was said.

3. Take your time to respond thoughtfully
Can you do what is being asked of you? What would you like? Can you agree on a way forward?

Helpful resources

NHS: Every Mind Matters 

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18 September, 2023