Why is Sober October a good idea?

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Every October, Macmillan Cancer Support encourages people to go without alcohol for a month and take part in Sober October as a way of raising funds for its charitable work. 

Abstaining from booze for a set period can be a great way to reconsider and “reset” your drinking habits, whether you’re doing it for charity or just for yourself. 

Below are a selection of articles from our archives, providing tips, motivation and context for cutting down on drinking. 


Tips for cutting down on booze 

Any reduction in drinking can bring a benefit, and the six tips in this article can help you to stay off the booze when you want to. 

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How alcohol affects your body 

Drinking can be bad for you in quite a few ways, especially over-indulging over a long period. You may find this a sobering read, but here are some of the major risks. 

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Alcohol and mental health 

Drinking too much — and too often — can be bad for your brain and body, taking a toll on your mental health. 

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Five reasons to drink less alcohol 

There are plenty of good reasons to cut down on alcohol for better health, wealth and general happiness. Here are five of the best: 

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25 September, 2023