We help Alex kick the smoking habit

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Alex*, from High Wycombe, had tried and failed to quit smoking numerous times by the time they joined our programme. 

But a recent diagnosis of of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) had made kicking the habit even more important. 

Here at the Be Healthy Bucks Stop Smoking Service, we recognised the gravity of the situation, and we were able to spring into action, to provide much-needed support and guidance.  

We crafted a personalised strategy to help Alex conquer their addiction and transition to a smoke-free lifestyle.

Our solution included:

Behavioural support 

Acknowledging that quitting smoking is as much a psychological battle as a physical one, we equipped Alex with behavioural support — empowering them to tackle the root causes of their smoking habit, and to cultivate healthier coping strategies. 

Vape transition

To facilitate a smooth shift away from cigarettes, we introduced Alex to a vape device. This fulfilled their nicotine cravings without the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. We also helped make sure they could use and maintain the vape correctly. 

Continuous support 

We are firm believers in the power of ongoing assistance, particularly during challenging times. So we made ourselves available to Alex throughout the week, providing a lifeline when cravings became overpowering. 


In a mere three weeks with us, Alex made remarkable strides — successfully going smoke-free. 


Alex’s journey shows how effective the BHB Stop Smoking Service can be. 

By addressing both the physical and psychological sides of addiction, we were able to steer them towards a healthier, happier life.  


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*Not their real name, the person wished to remain anonymous

06 March, 2024