Margaret stays smoke-free with our support

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When she joined Be Healthy Bucks, Margaret* was trying to kick a 15-cigarette-a-day habit which was taking a toll on her health and finances. In her quest to go smoke-free, the 60-year-old from Aylesbury had turned to nicotine patches and an inhalator, for the familiar hand-to-mouth action.

Within a week of using these aids, Margaret had successfully reduced her smoking to just two cigarettes a day one in the morning and one in the evening.


During our discussions, we explored strategies to combat her smoking triggers — and suggested using her inhalator with a nicotine cartridge to maintain her nicotine levels.

By our third meeting, she was brimming with positivity. Our conversations had helped her realise that she hadn’t been using enough nicotine. She proudly shared that she had been smoke-free for 12 days. 


Fast forward nine weeks, and Margaret has remained smoke-free — managing her cravings with a nicotine patch and occasional use of the inhalator. 

She now enjoys greater freedom, has extra money to cover bills and celebrate birthdays, and is even considering rejoining the workforce.


Reflecting on her journey, she was highly satisfied with our service. She looked forward to the appointments, which left her feeling calm and positive.


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*Not her real name, the person wished to remain anonymous.

06 March, 2024