Why is water good for us?

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Water is an incredibly important element of a healthy lifestyle. Though we understand it might not be everyone’s drink of choice.

But why is it so good for us? And what you can do to get your family drinking more daily?

Why do we need to drink water?

  • It keeps our bodies hydrated
  • Improves concentration
  • Replace the fluids we lose from sweating after exercise and activity

It’s recommended we drink 6-8 glasses every day — even more if you’ve been active or if it’s hot.

Tips to drink more water:

  • Add fruits into water or ice-cube trays, making it a bit more exciting and colourful
  • Add a splash of very dilute low-sugar squash
  • Make it part of your family routine, i.e. having a glass of water with every meal you eat together
  • Let your child pick their glass or straw to make it feel special
  • Pack a water bottle in their school bag to encourage them to drink more during the day
  • Set up a chart – tick off each day that you complete your drinks goal and reward yourself at the end
  • Set a regular timer throughout the day to remind you

But watch out for:

  • Flavoured waters can be full of sugar, so look for the ‘sugar-free’ kinds
  • Use the Change4Life food scanner app to check the sugar in your drinks
  • Check the nutrition label on hot chocolates and frappuccinos, as they can be high in sugar
  • Avoid energy drinks, they are high in caffeine and shouldn’t be consumed by children under 16 years old

Helpful resources:

NHS – water and hydration

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18 September, 2023