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We’re here to help you and your family understand how to take good care of your teeth.

Sugar’s impact on teeth

Sugary snacks and fizzy drinks can have a damaging impact on our teeth, especially for children.

Harmful bacteria, also known as plaque, feeds on sugar and creates acids which can become bacterial infections when left on the teeth.

This can damage the outer layer of a tooth, called the enamel. Plus, the bacteria can turn into cavities, also called tooth decay — an infectious disease which reaches the tooth’s deeper layers and creates a hole.

Top tips for preventing tooth decay

  • Choose sugar-free medicines
  • Try to cut back on fizzy drinks (even the sugar-free ones are acidic) and encourage your children to drink more water
  • Look out for ‘hidden sugars’ in pure fruit juices and dried fruit
  • Avoid giving out sweets as rewards – try DIY snack ideas instead
  • Make sure to brush your child’s teeth twice per day
  • Teach your little ones how to brushing their teeth properly, the NHS has got a helpful guide we’ve linked to below
  • Regular dental check-ups are key for spotting any problems and getting your child familiar with the environment

Creative ways to make tooth brushing fun

The goal should be to make tooth brushing a positive and enjoyable experience for your child. This will help establish healthy dental habits for a lifetime.

  • Play your child’s favourite songs while they brush. This will make the activity more enjoyable and ensure they brush for the recommended two minutes.
  • Create a story where your child is the hero who brushes away the bad guys that cause cavities.
  • Offer simple rewards for good brushing behaviour like a sticker, high five, or praise.
  • Let your child choose their own toothpaste or toothbrush.
  • Brush your teeth together as a family.

Helpful resources

NHS – Healthy teeth
NHS – Food facts – sugar

18 September, 2023